Bird Hill Bike Trip

The long awaited bike outing at Birds Hill Park took place Friday, September 9 for 14 El’dad participants and staff.

For almost everyone this was a first time visit to this jewel of an outdoor experience.

The caravan left Steinbach with a truck and trailer loaded with bikes and cooler full of sandwiches.

After a few stops and starts we all converged at the Overlook and found a big picnic shelter for our group. From there some of us biked and some hiked on the trail around the lake.

The sun was shining, there were no bugs and The Ukulele Man showed up and sang and danced his way through our group.  That was almost the highlight of the day.

After this performance TS got his skateboard, unleashed and completed the 7 km path around the lake along with the cyclists.

Some stunting invariably took place and BK took one final jump and his bike retaliated by scattering bits of the derailleur and chain across the pathway and into the bushes. Fortunately for him we had more bikes along than riders and he was soon saddled up with a replacement.

Many just hung out at the picnic table for the last hour visiting and enjoying the view and each other’s company.

Thanks to Tunji and Real for putting this trip together and the rest of the staff who joined in to help out.



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