Bring on the warm weather! – CoSa

Four season folks like us really show our appreciation for the returning sun! The lengthening days, melting snow, wet snow coming down again, puddles and potholes; all of this means more of us spend time outside. Though we experience life in four seasons, many of us seem to prefer the non-winter. There’s way more things to do once it warms up. This is also true for folks who participate in CoSA circles.
CoSa might be called an intentional community. It’s staff and volunteers gather around a willing participant who benefits from folks who care, listen and who provide meaningful support and accountability – the kind of things true friends do for each other. But by the end of the winter we’re scratching our head looking for group activities.
Our palette of possibilities broadens with the returning sun. Gone is just gatherings around bowling, coffee or decks of cards. Though some of the core members have restrictions prohibiting specific public spaces, there are still ample gathering spaces. Circles are already planning walks outside thanks to the annual time change that instantly lengthens the evenings. When things dry up a bit we’ll be throwing the bocce balls. And three of the four annual CoSA camping weekends occur away from winter. One circle is already looking for inexpensive bike parts and doing bike maintenance so that a core member can get around on two wheels powered by his own energy.
Bring on the warm weather!
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