Growing in Patience … on the job!

How time flies! It’s been a year working in El’dad.

Well, it’s been a learning experience for me. A lot of changes can happen in one year.

I came in at a time a new residence was being opened for a couple of new clients. They were totally new to El’dad culture, and I too was new in this field; very green. It was chaotic for me, but I weathered through it. Definitely not by my strength. I came to a point of giving up several times but one final thought came: “If you run now over this challenge, you will keep running all your life. Why not face it, and conquer it?”

And that’s what I did, which stabilized my feet. I decided to stay put. Sure, things have changed, especially for me. I’m not the same person that came in here a year ago. I learned a lot of patience working with some of the guys, and I took it home with me. I thought to myself: if I could be patient with outsiders, why not the people in my life, who are very dear to me; my wife and my children?

Let me give you an example. I’m the type that wants to do everything fast and quick. Go to a store, pick whatever you want and jet out. Finish. So when I noticed that going for shopping to-gether with my wife was causing some tension in our relationship, I found an ingenious way out: “I will drop you at the store, take as much time as you want while I go back home or do some other things; when you are done, give me a call and I will come for you.” And the problem is solved. Period!

But not in this case. Because I now work with some guys I can’t just drop off and come back to pick later. How do you explain someone that wants to window-shop for three hours without any intention whatsoever of buying something? And we are not talking of a very large mall, just your average town store. That’s one of my turning points.

As support workers, we have lot of opportunities for growth … on the job. The challenge is not just doing it so well at work, but extending it to every other area of our lives. That’s growth, real growth.

Tunji Olasunkanmi

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