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Initiatives for Just Communities (IJC) is a faith based organization which operates four community restorative justice programs.  These programs strive to provide guidance, support and relationship for people living with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) or intellectual disabilities as well as those who are currently or have been previously incarcerated. IJC provides opportunities and services to people regardless of background or affiliation.

IJC employees are expected to model and uphold the vision and mission of IJC; to respectfully and with integrity interact and model caring and holistic relationships with colleagues, participants, and within the wider community. 


Title of Position:              Finance/Human Resource Coordinator – FTE – 75 hours’ bi-weekly

Reports to:                         Director of Finance

Summary:                           The Finance/Human Resource Coordinator will work as part of a team to provide accurate and sound financial administration in the areas of accounts payable, salaries and benefits, benefits administration and various other identified supporting tasks and activities as identified by the Director of Finance.   



  • Receive timesheets from Program Directors
  • Follow up with the Directors on any identified errors or suspected discrepancies;
  • Process Payroll changes such as new hires, wage rates, benefits deductions, class, personal information;
  • Process Payroll in QuickBooks;
  • Complete CAFT (Direct Deposit) entries within the required deadlines;
  • Print and maintain all Payroll Reports and complete bi-weekly Payroll Summary Report;
  • Email Paystubs to all employees;
  • Maintain Sick Leave records and update allocations on a bi-weekly basis;
  • Maintain Banked Time records;
  • Maintain Part-time Hours for tracking of probationary periods, benefits eligibility, increase eligibility, and other miscellaneous allocations related to total hours worked.
  • Complete Records of Employment when an employee leaves IJC;
  • Prepare intermittent Invoices for Employee Contracts where partnerships are formed to share in the cost of employee remuneration;
  • Calculate and allocate Statutory Holiday Pay for designated Stat Holidays;
  • Calculate and administer wage increases bi-annually for STEP increases, and intermittently as provided by the Board of Directors, including retroactive pay when required;
  • Prepare annual T-4 Slips and T-4 Summary.


Complete all activities related to Accounts Payable for the organization.

  • Encode all invoices for payment and enter into QuickBooks;
  • Receive Monthly Statements from Vendors ensuring all invoices are accounted for and following up with the Vendor and/or Employees for missing invoices;
  • Complete accurate account distribution for Invoices allocated to multiple accounts of IJC, ensuring the appropriate accounts are charged for payment (i.e. Rogers, CSBT, MTS, Mediation Services, etc.);
  • Review Expense statements to ensure the reasonableness of expenditures, appropriate account distribution and numerical accuracy;
  • Outreach Shift Spending: administration of Outreach Shift Spending, including distribution of the shift cash envelopes and the reconciliation of expenditures on a monthly basis;
  • Rent Top Up Payments: The preparation of monthly rent top-up cheques, including the maintenance of Top-Up Information for each Landlord on record;
  • Process cheques for Payments and ensure all Vendors are paid in a timely manner;
  • Prepare recurring monthly Invoices for payments where Vendors do not provide invoices or statements from their business;


  • Complete bi-annual reviews for benefits eligibility and Step Increases and prepare report for Program Directors;
  • Facilitate the enrollment of new applicants to the IJC Benefits plan;
  • Provide assistance and support to the Executive Director in the choice of Benefits provider;
  • Provide support to employees regarding the Employee Benefits Plan;
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date information to the Benefits Provider regarding employee data, wages and volume;
  • Administer the Employee RRSP, including eligibility, enrollment, contribution payments and support to employees regarding the plan;
  • Provide support to IJC in relation to the Benefits HR Policy as needed to maintain fiscal viability and employee affordability of the plan.


  • Filing: Regular filing of Invoices, Payments, and any other documents requiring filing maintenance. The storage and maintenance of financial records and their disposal after seven years;
  • Assist with Deposit (as requested)
  • Assist with Annual audit
  • Assist with Reporting
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Must be able to ascribe to and support the mission and vision and values of IJC;
  • Sound working knowledge of QuickBooks;
  • Sound working knowledge of HR regulations and expectations
  • Sound working knowledge of Manitoba Employment Regulations
  • Excellent communication skills, both interpersonal and written;
  • Excellent command of Microsoft Office, specifically the development and use of Excel Spreadsheets;
  • Ability to work both collaboratively and independently, as the situation requires;
  • Strong planning and organizational skills.


  • Relevant education in accounting and finance;
  • Experience in financial activities up to and including Trial Balance;
  • Understanding of and experience with non-profit financial considerations and government reporting requirements.


  • Maintain confidentiality at all times.
  • Follow, articulate and enforce IJC policy and procedures at all times.
  • To complete a criminal record check as required.

Please submit your resumes, plus three work references to:

  • Gail Schellenberg,
  • Executive Director – Initiatives for Just Communities Inc.

Salary Range: $16.87 – $18.67 (depending on education and experience)

Closing Date: JANUARY 3, 2020