Open Circle Update

Last year, Open Circle was awarded the contract from Correction Service Canada to initiate a new Faith Community Reintegration Project (FCRP) in Winnipeg. This program matches recently released federal inmates who are interested in becoming a part of a faith community with churches and religious institutions that are interested in welcoming these people into their congregations.

Jim was invited to St. Paul the Apostle church on the evening of February 25th to talk about this program and brought along two recently released men, J. and O., to talk about their story and experience of prison life and life on the outside to a group of parishioners who gathered as part of St. Paul’s Year of Mercy program. Jim later talked about the FCRP followed by a lively question and answer period led by J.

Many men seem to be drawn to Chapel when they are in prison and receive a true benefit from it. Upon release, however, it appears that the interest fades as they relax back into the routines they held before they went in. I will report back in a couple of months on the progress of J. and O.’s integration into a faith community.

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