Stories of Support Conference

Over the past while Visions and Voices has been exploring notions of reciprocal relationships and support. Teachers that have guided us in our pondering are: stories, plants, and people. They all engage in relationships and systems of support and have wisdom to share. We have gathered together people and plant teachings to guide a day of storytelling, reflection, and imagination. 

We believe stories are alive- we live out stories and we live through stories. Teachings that stir curiosity, creativity and dignity come in the form of stories. If we are to move forward in a good way, we must do so grounded in teachings that stir our imagination in those directions.

We have put together a day where we can explore these themes with our broader community. Please join us in engaging our personal and collective imaginations!

More information shall be coming out soon.

Stay tuned for upcoming details and please share broadly with your networks!

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