The Feeling of Emptiness

There is no vacuum in life. So anytime there is one, it has to be filled immediately.

When you have an “empty” container, be it a bottle, a mug, or a bucket, know that it’s not really empty. There may not be anything inside but there is air, and air is something. If you think air is nothing, pinch your nose and close your mouth for 3 minutes and let’s see the result.

So when you begin to feel empty … that something is missing in your life, or feeling that you are missing out in life, most likely you are right. Something is really missing. That could be a sign that you need to move on to something new; or that you need to engage in something.

Unfortunately some don’t interpret this very well. Immediately they sense this emptiness, they want to fill it up … with drugs, alcohol, food, or some other stuff; and sure enough they have this temporary feeling of being “full” or high but it’s only temporal. Sooner or later, the emptiness returns. Many have become obese as a result of filling their emptiness with the wrong stuff. Some have become addicts and alcoholics for the same reason.

What can you do with this feeling of emptiness? Explore! It is a sign you need to seek. When you lose something, you seek for it. You look everywhere. You search and re-search.

What is coming up in your mind? What is the deep longing of your heart? It might be time to explore that. You may need to list out some options, and begin to check within how they resonate with you. Could it be you need to join a gym, take a (short) course, go for a seminar or workshop, go for vacation, seek a friend, learn a skill, move to a different city, get a new job, and so on. The list could go on forever.

The good news is that there is answer within. If you seek for it, you will find. Only you know what you need. Others can guide you but the answer lies within, and you can find the answer if you ask yourself the right question. Not being able to find the right answer to that feeling of emptiness has pushed some people to take some drastic actions.

That is why you need to make it a priority to find the answer.

Tunji Olasunkanmi

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