The Good Fight

I grew up hearing from my parents and everyone that loved me: Don’t fight! And so I grew up not knowing how to fight.

But what they didn’t tell me was that there’s a good fight—the fight for my life; the fight for my future; the fight for my destiny; the fight for my health; the fight for my marriage; the fight for the good things of life!

I discovered in life that you have to fight for every good thing. Spring is here. Very soon it will be all green. Guess what you will find there? Grass. Weeds. Nothing more. But if you want vegetables, corns, and other good stuff, you’ve got to fight for them. You’ve got to plant, and fertilize. But then, you must be ready to fight—the weeds, the insects, the worms and every destructive thing that wants to fight the good stuff you have planted.

Same with life. There are so many bad elements around. They want to stop you, hinder you and if possible, destroy you. That is why you need to fight.

Fight the bad habits. There are things that are pleasurable but dangerous to your health. You’ve got to fight them. And the earlier you fight them the better. Otherwise they will fight you—your health and wellness, finance, fitness. They may even fight your relationship.

Fight the bad attitude. You know them. Everyone is talking about them—your anger, gluttony, carelessness, laziness and so on. Unbeknown to you, those things are killing you—your relationships, performance, and your finance.

Fight the negative influencers. They don’t mean well for you because they are going nowhere. They have no regard for your future. They’ve wrecked theirs, and want you to wreck yours too. They take you where you’ve vowed never to go again. They show you what you don’t want to watch again. The earlier you detach from them the better.

Friend, to live you’ve got to fight! And to live well, you’ve got to seriously fight! It’s high time to take off the kid gloves, and fight with bare knuckles the stuff that is fighting against your destiny.

Tunji Olasunkanmi

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