About Us


IJC’s four programs (Touchstone, El’dad, Open Circle and CoSA) began as community justice programs under Mennonite Central Committee of Manitoba (MCC MB).  After considerable conversation and deliberation, the decision was made to create a non-profit organization under which all four of the programs would function.  A board was formed and in 2010, Initiatives for Just Communities (IJC) began its work.


Everyone belongs and flourishes in community. No one walks alone.


To walk with people with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and intellectual disabilities, and those currently or previously incarcerated, to help them to achieve a better quality of life for themselves and their communities.

  • Value of All People

As part of creation, we see each person as having infinite value and necessary for a healthy community. Thus, we respect each person, and believe in their goodness. Further, believing that all are created equal, we honour our diverse cultural realities and value the experiences of all.

  • Community

Our work is set in and reliant on community. We value the cooperative and collaborative nature of community and the interdependence it creates.  We seek to build community with our participants and in so doing, strengthen the broader community.

  • Compassion

We offer welcome and accompaniment, without judgement, to all on the journey.

  • Restorative Justice

To promote healing of the individual and the community, we seek to repair harm and restore the individual and the community to honest, transparent and trusting relationships. We bring this restorative justice approach to all we do.

  • Advocacy

We value hearing those who are often unheard, and honour their story. We work to ensure their voices are heard both within and outside our organization.

  • Transparency

We promote and model honesty and integrity in all our work, because these are critical for true community to flourish.

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