Computer Donation

Computer Donation

Recycle your no longer used computer safely with IJC!!


Donate your no longer used computers to IJC and help make technology affordable for others.

How do you dispose of your old computer system after you upgraded to new system? IJC as a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, we provide benefits to our donors.

Benefits we offer to our donors as Microsoft Registered Refurbisher:

  1. Protect Data: By donating your no longer used computer, we offer you a benefit with Secure Erase method to wipe your data clean because we must meet industry standards for data-wiping you can feel safer knowing that your data has been removed. We also provide a certificate guaranteeing the information wiped clean.
  2. Demonstrate Environmental Leadership: By donating your no longer used computer, you are promoting people to reuse and decrease waste on environmental impact.
  3. Provide people in need of computers: By donating your not longer used computer, you are helping to supply refurbished computers to people in need or who can not afford to get new computers. In the meantime, our participants also receive free computer skill development and technical support from us.

We are also open to provide donation receipts for your generosity. Please contact, Robby Stevanus, at


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