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El’dad New Home Share Program

What new at El’dad?

Home Share is…..


The El’ Dad Home Share Program provides support services to men and women with intellectual disabilities, within the Steinbach and surrounding areas, The Home share program connects participant with hosts who are willing to share their home and positive life style with others.

Could this be you? Have you ever considered sharing your home or becoming a professional neighbor? There are many home share options available

This is a worthwhile opportunity for those wishing to make a significant difference in another person’s life, or do you know of a person who would benefit from this opportunity.

Are you:

·        An empty nester?

·        Retired from the work force?

·        Part time employed?

·        Self employed?

·        Seeking to make a positive impact? .

in return you will receive a tax free monthly payment

To find out more about this rewarding opportunity please call Sian On 1 800 732 1963 ext 119 or email sprice.eldad@initiativesjc.org

Computer Donation

Computer Donation

Recycle your no longer used computer safely with IJC!!


Donate your no longer used computers to IJC and help make technology affordable for others.

How do you dispose of your old computer system after you upgraded to new system? IJC as a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, we provide benefits to our donors.

Benefits we offer to our donors as Microsoft Registered Refurbisher:

  1. Protect Data: By donating your no longer used computer, we offer you a benefit with Secure Erase method to wipe your data clean because we must meet industry standards for data-wiping you can feel safer knowing that your data has been removed. We also provide a certificate guaranteeing the information wiped clean.
  2. Demonstrate Environmental Leadership: By donating your no longer used computer, you are promoting people to reuse and decrease waste on environmental impact.
  3. Provide people in need of computers: By donating your not longer used computer, you are helping to supply refurbished computers to people in need or who can not afford to get new computers. In the meantime, our participants also receive free computer skill development and technical support from us.

We are also open to provide donation receipts for your generosity. Please contact, Robby Stevanus, at rstevanus@initiativesjc.org.


El’dad Ranch Update

There’s been so much going on at El’dad that it’s nice to take a break from the hustle and bustle to reflect and write a blog entry. We had some tense moments leading up to our annual Fundraising barbecue themed “Here Come’s The Sun”. The weather forecast called for showers. We took this all as a challenge. We had two choices; either change the date or rebrand the event “Here Comes The Rain” and prepare for it. We opted to plan for rain and as it turned out, we had over 200 attendees while the rain came at the very end. The silent auction went as planned and we consider the event to have been a major success!

The barbecue also served as a kick-off to our Midsummer raffle ticket drive. The Midsummer raffle prize pack included a deck, a nice barbecue, meat, and an 8 seater picnic table. We thank all those who purchased tickets, donated prizes, and helped to sell tickets. Congratulations to Carlenna Schultz for winning the prize package. Her name was drawn at the El’dad Branch location in Steinbach on Friday July 28th in front of a gathering of people.

The wood working crew has been busy developing some great new concepts and ideas. The most tangible idea right now was to create a picnic table designed to be comfortable for larger people. We call it the “El’Grande” and I can tell you first hand that this is the most comfortable picnic table I’ve ever got in and out of. The team worked tirelessly to perfect the size, strength and design of the El’Grande. I can safely say that anyone that may have struggled in the past with picnic tables is going to be “El’Contento” to have one of these on their deck.

Looking to the future there is a lot to look forward to for El’dad participants. We are planning a big bike trip, fishing excursion, as well as a relaxing day out at Lilac Resort. We will be sure to keep you posted on all things El’dad Ranch. Thanks for checking in!”

The Feeling of Emptiness

There is no vacuum in life. So anytime there is one, it has to be filled immediately.

When you have an “empty” container, be it a bottle, a mug, or a bucket, know that it’s not really empty. There may not be anything inside but there is air, and air is something. If you think air is nothing, pinch your nose and close your mouth for 3 minutes and let’s see the result.

So when you begin to feel empty … that something is missing in your life, or feeling that you are missing out in life, most likely you are right. Something is really missing. That could be a sign that you need to move on to something new; or that you need to engage in something.

Unfortunately some don’t interpret this very well. Immediately they sense this emptiness, they want to fill it up … with drugs, alcohol, food, or some other stuff; and sure enough they have this temporary feeling of being “full” or high but it’s only temporal. Sooner or later, the emptiness returns. Many have become obese as a result of filling their emptiness with the wrong stuff. Some have become addicts and alcoholics for the same reason.

What can you do with this feeling of emptiness? Explore! It is a sign you need to seek. When you lose something, you seek for it. You look everywhere. You search and re-search.

What is coming up in your mind? What is the deep longing of your heart? It might be time to explore that. You may need to list out some options, and begin to check within how they resonate with you. Could it be you need to join a gym, take a (short) course, go for a seminar or workshop, go for vacation, seek a friend, learn a skill, move to a different city, get a new job, and so on. The list could go on forever.

The good news is that there is answer within. If you seek for it, you will find. Only you know what you need. Others can guide you but the answer lies within, and you can find the answer if you ask yourself the right question. Not being able to find the right answer to that feeling of emptiness has pushed some people to take some drastic actions.

That is why you need to make it a priority to find the answer.

Tunji Olasunkanmi

Change is Easy!

Yes, you read that right. It actually is, though may not be comfortable! Rick Warren says: Whatever you want to change in your life, don’t resist it; replace it.

Change becomes difficult when you just want to use willpower to stop a habit. But know this: there’s no vacuum in life. Once a habit is established, it has already taken root in the deep corners of your sub-consciousness. Getting it out would leave a void which is constantly craving for the return of that thing. That is why people relapse back into old habits. And that’s the same reason why New Year resolutions don’t last.

So one way to deal with that is to put something else in there. That is why addictions’ counselors talk of Methadone Maintenance Therapy for those who want to quite opioid addiction especially Heroin. How that works is that the methadone binds with the receptors in the brain that crave for Heroin. Fortunately, the receptors can’t make a difference between the two, and the good thing about methadone is that there is no “high” or changes in behaviour associated with it.

I also know a colleague who has terminated his nicotine addiction by switching to vape. When you start thinking about something positive instead of something negative, something good instead of something evil, the old will lose its appeal and won’t have its allure anymore.

The key to change is right in the fingertips of most people. You can change the channel to another one; you can X that webpage, and go to something different. You can find something more interesting and healthier to replace that dangerous habit. Go to the stores, and you will find many brands of the same product. This generation is loaded with alternatives.

Change becomes difficult when we are not ready to change; when we are not ready to make a compromise; when we are not willing to yield our ground. But when we approach change with the mindset of a win-win by finding suitable alternatives, it takes a new turn entirely.


El’dad: the Ranch where “God Has Loved”

“Realizing the inherent worth of individuals, we seek to embody God’s love for people with intellectual disabilities by providing a secure and nurturing place to live”

When a friend mooted the idea of applying for a job at El’dad Ranch, the first thing that struck me was “Ranch!” I told the guy that I was done working with animals since I was a veterinarian the first part of my life. I later got to know that El’dad is a ranch with a difference—a ranch where God’s love is happening. That’s the meaning of El’dad in Hebrew.

You ask me what’s in a name, and I’ll tell you everything.

I’ve had a positive experience working here, and not just me alone; so is everyone that works here. The tales I hear from other organizations that engage in similar work like we do is sometimes disappointing. So much ill feelings, jealousies and envies among staff, and so much disaffection with management. But not at El’dad!

Here, everyone is looking out for the other person. You can be sure you’ve got the back of your colleagues. The management is not just interested in you doing a good job with the clients, they want you to be happy doing it. Not only that, they want to tap into your likes and interests to see how to make it part of your work. With that, you are not just going to work, you are happy doing what you do because it is what you actually want to do.

Even though a great majority of us are hired as Support Workers, yet, I’ve seen staff in addition to working with clients, also working with figures in account; working with computers and becoming IT manager. I’ve seen staff baking all kinds of pastries showcasing their interest in cooking. I’ve seen staff organizing movies, and music and doing all sorts of amazing things. I’ve seen staff leading fishing trips, bike trips and all sorts of things. Whatever they want to do, I’ve seen provisions being made for it.

And this is not just happening with the staff, the clients are also being lifted. In fact, everything is being done so that staff can transfer their experience to the clients. In other words: Do unto others (clients) as it is being done to you. So I’ve seen clients tapping into their passions for music, computers, carpentry, auto mechanics, and so on. I’ve seen clients produce music videos, start bike repairs, and so on.

What more can you ask for! Yeah, I know, more $$$! But other than that, God’s love is really evident here.
Tunji Olasunkanmi


In the course of our work, we meet people from time to time, who have made some bad choices in life. When I meet such, I want to learn from them, and so I ask them questions. And almost without fail, every one of them would say there are many things they would do differently.

But the sad thing is they keep going the wrong direction. How? By the choices they are making today.

The choices you make today define your life tomorrow. That is why choices have to be made with care. I don’t claim to be a prophet, and so may not be able to predict your future. But if I see the choices you are making today, I can safely predict where you’re headed. In fact, we don’t really get to determine our future; the choices we make do that for us.

You may not be able to do anything about your past. So it’s high time we stop playing the blame game. It is time to stop playing the victim.

You can decide whether you’d be healthy tomorrow by the things you are consuming today. If you are daily living on junks you already know where you are headed. If you are burning certain packs of cigarettes today, you know how your lungs are going to turn out tomorrow. You don’t need a doctor to tell you that. In fact, the picture on the packet has enough warning. If you are given to a sedentary lifestyle today—not moving much, not exercising, not working out—you already know how healthy your body is going to be tomorrow. If you are not adding any value to yourself today by way of education, training or study, you can tell that your paycheck may not significantly increase tomorrow.

If there’s a message we need to give to ourselves and the people we support, this is it: Tomorrow is being decided today … by our choices!

Always remember, your life is the result of choices—YOUR choices. Others can influence or hinder you, but your choices are the determining factor of your destiny. Here is the Goodnews: It is never too late to make the right choices!

Tunji Olasunkanmi

The Good Fight

I grew up hearing from my parents and everyone that loved me: Don’t fight! And so I grew up not knowing how to fight.

But what they didn’t tell me was that there’s a good fight—the fight for my life; the fight for my future; the fight for my destiny; the fight for my health; the fight for my marriage; the fight for the good things of life!

I discovered in life that you have to fight for every good thing. Spring is here. Very soon it will be all green. Guess what you will find there? Grass. Weeds. Nothing more. But if you want vegetables, corns, and other good stuff, you’ve got to fight for them. You’ve got to plant, and fertilize. But then, you must be ready to fight—the weeds, the insects, the worms and every destructive thing that wants to fight the good stuff you have planted.

Same with life. There are so many bad elements around. They want to stop you, hinder you and if possible, destroy you. That is why you need to fight.

Fight the bad habits. There are things that are pleasurable but dangerous to your health. You’ve got to fight them. And the earlier you fight them the better. Otherwise they will fight you—your health and wellness, finance, fitness. They may even fight your relationship.

Fight the bad attitude. You know them. Everyone is talking about them—your anger, gluttony, carelessness, laziness and so on. Unbeknown to you, those things are killing you—your relationships, performance, and your finance.

Fight the negative influencers. They don’t mean well for you because they are going nowhere. They have no regard for your future. They’ve wrecked theirs, and want you to wreck yours too. They take you where you’ve vowed never to go again. They show you what you don’t want to watch again. The earlier you detach from them the better.

Friend, to live you’ve got to fight! And to live well, you’ve got to seriously fight! It’s high time to take off the kid gloves, and fight with bare knuckles the stuff that is fighting against your destiny.

Tunji Olasunkanmi