The Touchstone Lens #4


The Touchstone Foodbank Crew; Dylan, Dallas, Nathan and Maraleigh.  Every other Thursday, this group of hardworking individuals is responsible for picking up the Touchstone food order from Winnipeg Harvest.  They fill up the back of 1 van and 1 car and deliver the food order to the Touchstone (IJC) offices at 1200 Portage Ave.  From there, they unpack, organize and store the food so that over the course of the next two weeks, Touchstone participants can come to pick up their individual foodbank allotment at a time that works for them.  This arrangement works well for our participants, no appointment is necessary and it is possible to pick up small amounts of food several times during the course of 2 weeks instead of needing to pick up one large order all at once.  A big shout out goes to Winnipeg Harvest and to Touchstone’s Foodbank Crew for making this possible!

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