Jessica’s guide to staying well during Covid-19

Jessica is a presenter for Visions and Voices, a part of the Touchstone FASD program. Visions and Voices seeks to increase awareness in communities in order to reduce the stigma of FASD and to encourage healthy living. Presenters are role models who are willing to share their stories of hope, struggle, and accomplishment with the public. Thank you Jessica for sharing this guide. Jessica’s Guide to Staying Well During COVID
  1. Get dressed up!
Pick out dress pants and a nice top you would wear for a special occasion, like Sunday morning! Always start off with a cup of coffee. Every Sunday, I grab my note book and Bible, I go into my favorite place to sit and I go online. I open up to my church’s Sunday sermon. I sit on my comfy couch and sip coffee. This routine gives me structure for the week. It gives me something to look forward too. I invite you to dress up, turn on a sermon or your favorite podcast, and enjoy!
  1. Go for a Walk!
There are so many ways to go for a walk. When I go for walks and I see nature that inspires me, I like to take a picture of it. For example, when I see beautiful clouds or a branch when the sunlight is shining around it from a nice view, I take a picture. You can get outside to take your dog or pet for a walk. It is also good for the pet to get out so it does not feel so isolated and held inside the house.
  1. Watch a Movie!
For relaxing you can turn on your favorite movie, if nothing is good on TV. I recently watched Bambi with my niece. She watched up to the sad scene at the beginning. So I put on Bambi 2, she then came back to watch with me. When watching a group movie make sure everyone is comfortable! Don’t forget the popcorn! Jessica Siddle Winnipeg, MB
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