Excitement, adjustments, flexibility

Greeting and happy spring from the CoSA team! We are excited to finally see the changing of seasons, and with it, reflect on our own growth. Coming out of a very hard period for programs due to Covid-19, CoSA has been reflecting on new ways our program can grow and meet the needs of our community.

Recently we began to look for new circles, trying to be more flexible and try new things with our program. Usually our circles run for a year with a mixture of volunteers and staff, but recently we’ve come to find some situations need a bit more flexibility. As such, we’ve begun to experiment with flexible or adjusted time frames, re-adjusting our goals and expectations to create a circle that meets the unique needs of situations which otherwise might preclude someone from joining the program. The CoSA team is excited to see what can be learned from these different kinds of circles, and we’re eager to see if they can be applied more in the future.

CoSA is also working to start new circles now as things begin to open up more and the weather becomes nice again. We’re very excited to get a few new circles started and reintroduce our volunteers to new experiences. Covid-19 had many of us eager for social interaction, and now as we’re starting to gain more ability, CoSA is very excited to be able to blossom again with change and flexibility in mind.

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