The name Touchstone describes the mentoring relationship between program staff and program participants. Within this relationship mentors work towards becoming a “reference point” or “touchstone” for participants.

Through the Visions and Voices program, Touchstone also educates communities about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). As community awareness and understanding spread, participants experience increased dignity, like the ripples of a skipping stone.


At Touchstone, we assist youth and adults with intellectual disabilities by supporting them in their everyday situations and by advocating on their behalf in their communities; thereby nurturing opportunities for their growth, belonging, and success.



  • Uphold the highest levels of quality and integrity and ensure all our programming and services adhere to professional and ethical standards
  • Provide case management and individualized planning
  • Celebrate and nurture participants’ inherent strengths 
  • Advocate on behalf of participants when desired
  • Support transitions to adult services
  • Actively reach out to participants
  • Develop personalized residential support models
  • Ensure that participants have access to food and emergency shelters
  • Mentor participants using FASD, harm reduction, and trauma-informed lenses as appropriate
  • Build healthy therapeutic relationships with participants
  • Acknowledge the importance of cultural identities and strive to provide support that is culturally safe
  • Collaborate with families, funders, and all other external agencies who are a part of the participants’ support team in order to provide holistic services for each participant
  • Promote awareness of FASD in communities across Manitoba through Touchstone’s Visions and Voices Program

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