A multi-faceted program which provides residential support, vocational training and assistance in designing a future of choice for men with intellectual disabilities. Located on eighteen wooded acres in south-eastern Manitoba, participants live on-site in one of three facilities, with support provided by volunteers and staff.

Started by Addison and Gerda Klassen in the early 1980s, El’dad Ranch, then a program of MCC Manitoba, has offered young men who have been at odds with the law a second chance.

Over the years, with the help of countless others, the vision has expanded and lives have been enriched with new skills and possibilities. As of 2011, El’dad became part of Initiatives for Just Communities, an umbrella organization with a Restorative Justice focus.

Many of our residents come from hard backgrounds and live with special challenges. For them to heal and move forward, they need unconditional acceptance, to be listened to and to be treated with gentleness, compassion and respect.

Furthermore, with guidance and support the residents learn to make healthy choices for themselves and develop real hope for their future.

Day Program

The El’dad Day program is perhaps the most intentional, proactive, and integrated part of the El’dad program. As a whole, the El’dad Day Program is a multifaceted program which provides participant support, life skills, education, vocational training, and assistance in designing a future of choice for men with intellectual disabilities.  One of our main goals is to achieve community involvement for our participants through meaningful employment.

Home Share Program

El’dad Home Share Program provides support services to men and women with intellectual disabilities, within the Steinbach and surrounding areas. The Home share program connects participant with hosts who are willing to share their home and positive life style with others.

Justice Program

The Alternative Justice Program (AJP) is based on the premise that men with intellectual disabilities who have come into conflict with the laws of society are a part of a population called vulnerable people. As such, it is possible that a program which holds them accountable for their actions yet at the same time provides a safe place to learn skills, positive values, and positive relationships may be more effective in changing behaviour than time in a prison. The El’dad AJP program is a residence program, along with a day program which offers vocational training, and education, as well other assistance to the men. Together, staff and men work at designing an individualized program that can result in a meaningful and productive future for the individual.

Outreach Program

The mission of the El’dad Outreach Program is to assist adults living with intellectual disabilities within the Southeastern area.  We seek to encourage positive choices while empowering the individual to achieve their goals thereby increasing their ability to be successful and enjoy quality of life.  El’dad accomplishes this by providing intensive support and supervision for the affected individual while bringing alongside other supports within the community.

Residence Program

The El’dad Residential Program offers 24/7 support to residents in the Eastman Region. Our aim is to provide comprehensive residential assistance to individuals facing challenges in maintaining their basic needs, such as food and shelter. Residents in the program live in homes leased and maintained by El’dad, ensuring their fundamental necessities are met, including food and transportation. The homes are staffed around the clock, with staff-to-resident ratios tailored to individual needs.

Supported Cluster Program

The objective of the Supported Cluster Program (SCP) is to assist participants with their long-term goal of fewer supports and greater independence. We provide opportunities for independence and learning life skills while having supports that can be accessed as needed. KHP (Klassen House Program) is an alcohol and drug-free building located at the Ranch where participants have access to SIL supports and on-site supports during evening hours. In addition to KHP, El’dad has access to a 3-suite building where 24/7 supports are available to tenants as needed, as well as a 4-suite building that provides opportunities for independence with access to SIL supports and on-site supports during the late evenings.

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