Job Posting – Touchstone Outreach Worker

Employment Opportunity: Outreach Worker

Initiatives for Just Communities (IJC) is a non-profit, charitable organization that operates four community justice programs: Touchstone, Open Circle, CoSA, and El’dad Ranch. These programs provide support for people with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), intellectual disabilities as well as those who are currently, or have been previously, incarcerated. IJC is committed to restorative justice practices, which honour community and foster a sense of belonging.

At Touchstone, we support youth and adults with FASD by assisting them in their day-to-day life and by providing advocacy wherever and whenever appropriate, nurturing opportunities for growth, belonging and success.

The Touchstone program is seeking individuals to join our team as Outreach Workers. We value people of all genders and cultures and consistently work towards diversity at all levels of our organization. We also value people who are open to working within an anti-oppressive framework and who understand theories of harm reduction and trauma informed practice. Outreach Workers will be responsible to provide one-to-one support and mentorship for Touchstone’s program participants.

Casual / Part-time positions available now; between 4 – 12 hours per week, starting wage between $14.03 – $15.22 per hour depending on experience and education.

Required Skills:
 Capacity to think critically and problem solve independently
 Ability to communicate clearly and effectively with others
 Ability to set safe and appropriate boundaries
 Willingness to work alongside systems (i.e. CFS, EIA, etc.) using a client centered and collaborative approach
 Possess a valid driver’s license

 Experience and/or education in the Social Services field
 Lived experience and/or understanding of systemic barriers such as racism, homophobia, classism, etc.
 Knowledge and understanding of trauma informed practice

To apply, please send your cover letter and resume to Jewel Reimer, Program Director,
before 5:00 p.m. on December 13, 2019

Phone: (204) 925-1928

E-mail: jreimer.touchstone@initiativesjc.org

Visions and Voices Journey

As part of the Visions and Voices program, Russ, Jessica, Harri, and Maraleigh travelled to the communities of Berens River and Bloodvein, a 5 hour drive North of Winnipeg, located on the East side of Lake Winnipeg. Over two days, Jessica and Russ shared their experience with FASD with audiences that included social workers, teachers, and community outreach workers.  With stunning scenery and great people, this was a fantastic trip!

“Everyone should experience it.”

It is not the kind of statement you would expect from someone who just finished visiting a person in prison. John has been a volunteer with Open Circle for two years and was moving on so he could dedicate more time to other things. He voiced his comment as I spent some time debriefing with him, asking what his experience with Open Circle was like. His comment was not voiced in a negative light. To the contrary. He felt everyone should have an opportunity to “go to prison” so they could experience first hand some of the realities of the Canadian prison system.

In some respects, it is another reason Open Circle exists. Besides providing friendship behind bars, we also provide individual volunteers the opportunity to undergo what could be called an educational experience. Along with the opportunity to interact with those serving time, learning about their struggles, hopes and dreams. They also have the chance to connect with staff, encountering first hand the complexity of corrections and toll it sometimes takes on those who live within the system and work within it. All of which, begins to put a far more human face on a world few understand.

There is a famous quote attributed to Abraham Lincoln, “I don’t like that man. I must get to know him”. One of the roles of Open Circle is to provide people with an opportunity to follow Lincoln’s sage advice and perhaps discover that the person they don’t like may in fact be far more human than they thought.

El’dad New Home Share Program

What new at El’dad?

Home Share is…..


The El’ Dad Home Share Program provides support services to men and women with intellectual disabilities, within the Steinbach and surrounding areas, The Home share program connects participant with hosts who are willing to share their home and positive life style with others.

Could this be you? Have you ever considered sharing your home or becoming a professional neighbor? There are many home share options available

This is a worthwhile opportunity for those wishing to make a significant difference in another person’s life, or do you know of a person who would benefit from this opportunity.

Are you:

·        An empty nester?

·        Retired from the work force?

·        Part time employed?

·        Self employed?

·        Seeking to make a positive impact? .

in return you will receive a tax free monthly payment

To find out more about this rewarding opportunity please call Sian On 1 800 732 1963 ext 119 or email sprice.eldad@initiativesjc.org

Job Posting – Support Worker El’dad

Initiatives for Just Communities (IJC) is a faith based organization which operates four community restorative justice programs. These programs strive to provide guidance, support and relationship for people living with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) or intellectual disabilities as well as those who are currently or have been previously incarcerated. IJC provides opportunities and services to people regardless of background or affiliation.

IJC employees are expected to model and uphold the vision and mission of IJC; to respectfully and with integrity interact and model caring and holistic relationships with colleagues, participants, and within the wider community.

Title of position
• Support Workers, work alongside participants at El’dad Ranch and report to their Program Managers

1. Ensure the health and safety of program participants
2. Build a positive relationship with program participants
3. Work with participants in developing their life skills and personal goals
4. Model and encourage compliance with all El’dad policies and operating procedures.
5. Immediately report any incidents or safety concerns

Other Duties:
• Complete all required written documentation with accuracy, objectivity and in a timely fashion
• Read the communication book and logs
o To be aware of participants needs and case direction
• Plan and implement activities with participants
• Carrying program cell phone while on shift
• Cleaning El’dad property, including; buildings, vehicles and yard
• Other reasonable duties as assigned by supervisor

• Must be able to ascribe to and support the mission and vision of the programs of IJC
• Must be able to communicate and implement the El’dad focus statement
• Excellent communication skills, both interpersonal and written.
• Critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills.
• Ability to work collaborative and respectfully with colleagues.
• Ability to work collaboratively with individuals and systems representing a wide range of cultures, ideals, values, and belief.
• Strong planning and organizational skills.
• Must hold a current driver’s license and provide driver’s abstract
• Ability to assess risk and set safe & appropriate boundaries.
• Ability to handle work related stress.
• Ability to exercise patience and flexibility.
• First Aid /CPR is a requirement
• Non-Violent Crisis Intervention training is strongly encouraged
• Shift routines should be kept unless exceptional circumstances warrant deviation


• Able to drive with participants in the vehicle
• Maintain confidentiality with participant and program information
• Adhere to El’dad policy and procedure
• Work and communicate effectively in a team setting
• Recognize the interaction of one’s own personal values, religion, and culture in the attempt to provide respectful, dignity-enhancing support for program participants.
• Build and maintain a professional therapeutic relationship with program participants.
• Complete a criminal record, adult abuse registry check, vulnerable sector registry check and a driver’s abstract is required.

Required Skills:
1. Excellent communication skills, both interpersonal and written.
2. Critical thinking and creative problem-solving abilities.
3. Ability to be self-motivated.
4. Ability to make independent decisions within general framework of program policies
5. Ability to set safe and appropriate boundaries.
6. Ability to handle job stress.
7. Ability to work alongside imperfect systems within an imperfect society.
8. Ability to exercise patience and flexibility.

1. Experience working in Social Services field.
2. Education in Social Services or another relevant field
3. Knowledge and understanding of the issues and challenges associated individuals with intellectual challenges and addictions
4. Able to de-escalate negative emotions

1. This position is dependent on government funding.
2. Starting hourly wage is between $13.75 to $14.62
3. This position is eligible for the IJC group benefit package if the employee works consistently more than 28 hours per week.
4. There will be a 3-month probationary period based on accumulated FTE

Please submit a resume and cover letter:

Kevin Drain at kdrain.eldad@initiativesjc.org

Computer Donation

Computer Donation

Recycle your no longer used computer safely with IJC!!


Donate your no longer used computers to IJC and help make technology affordable for others.

How do you dispose of your old computer system after you upgraded to new system? IJC as a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, we provide benefits to our donors.

Benefits we offer to our donors as Microsoft Registered Refurbisher:

  1. Protect Data: By donating your no longer used computer, we offer you a benefit with Secure Erase method to wipe your data clean because we must meet industry standards for data-wiping you can feel safer knowing that your data has been removed. We also provide a certificate guaranteeing the information wiped clean.
  2. Demonstrate Environmental Leadership: By donating your no longer used computer, you are promoting people to reuse and decrease waste on environmental impact.
  3. Provide people in need of computers: By donating your not longer used computer, you are helping to supply refurbished computers to people in need or who can not afford to get new computers. In the meantime, our participants also receive free computer skill development and technical support from us.

We are also open to provide donation receipts for your generosity. Please contact, Robby Stevanus, at rstevanus@initiativesjc.org.


IJC Computer Upcycling Program

Hi Everyone,


Here is the update on the IJC Computer Upcycling Program. Recently, we have taken the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher program test earning the qualification as Microsoft Registered Refurbisher. We are now licensed to wipe clean all donated computers of personal information ensuring safety and security for all. We also have license to refurbish any computers and install Genuine Microsoft Windows and permission to have the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher logo on our advertising. Good news is that people who purchase upcycled computers from IJC, can now have Genuine Microsoft Windows installed for a minimal  cost.


We are in the process of advertising and are looking for computer donations from the general public, companies and staff of IJC. If you have any unwanted computers, cell phones or related equipment, please support our program by texting me @ 204-510-0064 or email rstevanus@initiativesjc.org .


Thank you


P.S: Recently we have also received computers donations from Jewel and Hank. Thank you so much Jewel and Hank for your kind donations.


Best Regards,


Robby Stevanus