El’dad Ranch Update

There’s been so much going on at El’dad that it’s nice to take a break from the hustle and bustle to reflect and write a blog entry. We had some tense moments leading up to our annual Fundraising barbecue themed “Here Come’s The Sun”. The weather forecast called for showers. We took this all as a challenge. We had two choices; either change the date or rebrand the event “Here Comes The Rain” and prepare for it. We opted to plan for rain and as it turned out, we had over 200 attendees while the rain came at the very end. The silent auction went as planned and we consider the event to have been a major success!

The barbecue also served as a kick-off to our Midsummer raffle ticket drive. The Midsummer raffle prize pack included a deck, a nice barbecue, meat, and an 8 seater picnic table. We thank all those who purchased tickets, donated prizes, and helped to sell tickets. Congratulations to Carlenna Schultz for winning the prize package. Her name was drawn at the El’dad Branch location in Steinbach on Friday July 28th in front of a gathering of people.

The wood working crew has been busy developing some great new concepts and ideas. The most tangible idea right now was to create a picnic table designed to be comfortable for larger people. We call it the “El’Grande” and I can tell you first hand that this is the most comfortable picnic table I’ve ever got in and out of. The team worked tirelessly to perfect the size, strength and design of the El’Grande. I can safely say that anyone that may have struggled in the past with picnic tables is going to be “El’Contento” to have one of these on their deck.

Looking to the future there is a lot to look forward to for El’dad participants. We are planning a big bike trip, fishing excursion, as well as a relaxing day out at Lilac Resort. We will be sure to keep you posted on all things El’dad Ranch. Thanks for checking in!”

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