IJC Computer Upcycling Program

Hi Everyone,


Here is the update on the IJC Computer Upcycling Program. Recently, we have taken the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher program test earning the qualification as Microsoft Registered Refurbisher. We are now licensed to wipe clean all donated computers of personal information ensuring safety and security for all. We also have license to refurbish any computers and install Genuine Microsoft Windows and permission to have the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher logo on our advertising. Good news is that people who purchase upcycled computers from IJC, can now have Genuine Microsoft Windows installed for a minimal  cost.


We are in the process of advertising and are looking for computer donations from the general public, companies and staff of IJC. If you have any unwanted computers, cell phones or related equipment, please support our program by texting me @ 204-510-0064 or email rstevanus@initiativesjc.org .


Thank you


P.S: Recently we have also received computers donations from Jewel and Hank. Thank you so much Jewel and Hank for your kind donations.


Best Regards,


Robby Stevanus

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