In the course of our work, we meet people from time to time, who have made some bad choices in life. When I meet such, I want to learn from them, and so I ask them questions. And almost without fail, every one of them would say there are many things they would do differently.

But the sad thing is they keep going the wrong direction. How? By the choices they are making today.

The choices you make today define your life tomorrow. That is why choices have to be made with care. I don’t claim to be a prophet, and so may not be able to predict your future. But if I see the choices you are making today, I can safely predict where you’re headed. In fact, we don’t really get to determine our future; the choices we make do that for us.

You may not be able to do anything about your past. So it’s high time we stop playing the blame game. It is time to stop playing the victim.

You can decide whether you’d be healthy tomorrow by the things you are consuming today. If you are daily living on junks you already know where you are headed. If you are burning certain packs of cigarettes today, you know how your lungs are going to turn out tomorrow. You don’t need a doctor to tell you that. In fact, the picture on the packet has enough warning. If you are given to a sedentary lifestyle today—not moving much, not exercising, not working out—you already know how healthy your body is going to be tomorrow. If you are not adding any value to yourself today by way of education, training or study, you can tell that your paycheck may not significantly increase tomorrow.

If there’s a message we need to give to ourselves and the people we support, this is it: Tomorrow is being decided today … by our choices!

Always remember, your life is the result of choices—YOUR choices. Others can influence or hinder you, but your choices are the determining factor of your destiny. Here is the Goodnews: It is never too late to make the right choices!

Tunji Olasunkanmi

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