Real Nadeau

Real Nadeau:

It is with deep sadness that we say goodbye to our colleague and friend, Real Nadeau. He was a very proud father to his daughters Marie-Josée and Catherine, but also a son, brother, uncle and a friend. His genuine smile greeted us each day, and we were the beneficiaries of his humour and his compassionate care. You will be missed Real. Go with God.

Gail Schellenberg

A Few Good ‘Men’

To be sincere, I’m yet to see the movie with that title but I’ve always been fascinated by the phrase. And that was the thought that came to my mind when I heard of the passing of our friend and colleague: Real Nadeau.

I also had a name for him. In my part of the world, Soccer is the big deal. Like everyone is crazy for hockey here so are we for soccer in Africa. And almost everyone is familiar with all the top soccer clubs in Europe. So Real Madrid is what I called him, and he usually give me that French smile that he’s well noted for. I never saw him upset or angry, not even once!

We planned together the first ever Bike Trip to the Birds’ Hill park last year. He was ever gentlemanly and gracious all throughout our preparation. We were already talking about this year’s edition when we met last week at the Ranch.

His greeting to me was always in French: Comment ca va, Monsieur? And I always responded with the only French I have: Ca va bien! Et vous? And that would be the end of our conservation in French before we revert to the only language that binds us together—El’dad!
To say Real will be missed is an understatement. I would miss him every Tuesday, especially, when we usually bump into each other a lot; either at the Branch during the day or the Ranch in the evening while he does the KHP shift.

Adieu Brother! May your soul rest in perfect peace, and may the good Lord comfort the family you cherished so much and always talked about.

Tunji Olasunkanmi

Bee Well
Some may be aware Real shared my avocation for Beekeeping.

As this kind of experience elicits an enthusiasm that a lot of people have yet to have their lives enhanced by you would have to take my word for it there is a bond amongst those who venture off the beaten track for this kind of fun.

A beginner is hooked when they first witness the wax cell perfectly formed in their slightly angled hexagon structures ready for the honey that soon follows.

A more experienced beekeeper is sustained by the industry of the hive as it builds in the spring to a robust colony primed to pack in a super crop of honey.

For anyone there are few aroma’s more intoxicating than the smell of freshly formed wax and honey that will drift above a busy hive as you approach on a warm summer evening.

Real, I’m sad you won’t see another season of beekeeping on this earth. Hold your hive tool high as you journey to places beyond. Adieu.

John Speer

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