Visions and Voices Profile – Kaitlin Larabie

Favorite Topic Areas: Education System, Family Support, Employment

“You can’t just tell people not to drink when they’re pregnant, because you don’t know what they’re going through.”

Growing up Kaity hated school because if she didn’t get something as quickly as other kids or as quickly as she wanted, it was very frustrating. With the help of a few key people in high school, Kaity graduated in 2014 and now works within the food and service industry. Kaity does not often disclose her FASD, especially to employers, and as she says most people see her as “normal” because her life is pretty stable.

Kaity has lived with her grandparents since age four and they have been the greatest support in her life. Kaity enjoys telling her story because she hopes that it helps individuals to know more about what it’s like living with FASD and to know it’s not a negative thing. The positive message she wants to send is for moms to know that if they drank while pregnant, that it happens and it’s not about judging them.

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