Visions and Voices Profile – Nikki Swirsky

Favorite Topic Areas: Parenting/Family, Education System, Healthcare System

“I know I’m different, but I’ve also been taught that I can do anything if I just set my mind to it.”

Nikki was diagnosed with FASD as an infant. At ten days old, she was brought home to live Beverly, her adoptive mother. Throughout the years, Nikki has developed very close bonds with her family, particularly with her three older siblings and her five nieces and nephews.

Nikki acknowledges that school was sometimes frustrating, particularly in understanding math. Despite this, she has a wonderful ability to remember other details about people and places that others may overlook or forget. Her positive reminder for those who live with FAS is to live and learn, to forgive and forget, and to always keep trying to stay positive in life.

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