Visions and Voices Profile – Trevor Russell

Trevor Pic 1Favorite Topic Areas: Justice System, Addictions, CFS/Foster Care, Community Supports

“If you’ve met “one” person with FASD, you’ve only met “one” person with FASD.”

Being kicked out of his foster home at age 15, Trevor dropped out of school and began living on the street. He moved from city to city in Canada, hitchhiking and finding ways to survive. He struggled with addictions and staying safe on the street, but was always someone who could make friends and be resourceful. Hearing Trevor share some of his experiences living on the street as a young adult highlight how resilient and compassionate he is.

Now living in Winnipeg, Trevor is a leader within his community. He facilitates a dual recovery anonymous group that offers support to individuals who struggle with FASD and an addiction. He is on the participant advisory board of Life’s Journey that is currently working on a resource guide. His goal is to one day be a worker, like his workers so that he can use what he’s learned to care for others.

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