Visions And Voices Profile – Jessica Siddle

Jessica Pic 1Favorite Topic Areas: Education System, Spirituality/Faith

“Let’s stop FASD!”

Jessica loves to go for walks, ride her bike, and to ride around the neighborhood on her scooter. Throughout school, she had the help of many teachers and paraprofessionals. Despite this help, school was particularly difficult and Jessica found that many of her classmates didn’t want to play with her because she was ‘different’. In junior high school, she was told by her family that she had FAS.

The support of her close family has been instrumental in helping Jessica face many of her challenges. Jessica loves movies and has an incredible memory for all things cinematic, her favorites being Disney and horror movies. While sharing her story at many schools and conferences, Jessica has become an inspiration for people living with FASD. Her message for others who live with FASD is that they too can achieve many of their hopes and dreams.

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