It has been a few weeks now and the challenges of making it on the street have proved to much for J. as he ended up back in prison on a parole violation.  O. continues to do well.  Why the difference? Well, one part of staying out is relying on the supports that are there.  After a few weeks on the street J. seemed to disappear, no longer connecting with his supports. O. on the other hand continued to connect regularly.

It seems like such a small thing, a phone call, a text, a conversation over coffee or lunch – yet they aren’t small things.  They provided a connection, a place to reflect, an opportunity to reassure yourself that your not alone, and on occasion a voice that may gently hold you accountable, help you look at a situation different, and encourage.

We underestimate the value of such simple human connections, but for those who already feel somewhat alienated they can prove to be a valuable lifeline.

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