Visions And Voices Profile – Chris Martin

Chris Pic 1Favorite Topic Areas: Community Supports, CFS/Foster Care, Family

We are good people, with a brain injury.”

Although much of his childhood is foggy, Chris remembers having difficulties with school from kindergarten to grade 12. Chris also talks about his mom, who passed away in 2009, and the ways he tried to help her. He shares that a significant day to day challenge he faces living with FASD is focus and attention. He often gets off topic and has difficulties with memory but he often laughs at himself for this and gets everyone laughing.

Moving around from foster home to foster home throughout his childhood, Chris says he always felt like a “visitor.” Now having stable housing through a residential program called Wings of Power, in Pinefalls, Manitoba, Chris feels that he has found a home. He feels very supported and safe there and is extremely connected to the community. He volunteers five days a week at different community businesses. Chris is an amazing example of the success that can be achieved when individuals are given the opportunity for stable housing and meaningful connections to a community.

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